Why I teach

       When creating this site I wanted to convey a sense of deep, heartfelt reasons for why teaching is so close to my heart.   So when I came across this photo I knew this was the inspiration.  This is a picture of myself and my first dance partner outside of the womb; my dad.  I can see exactly where I got my fearlessness, my ability to be open and trust, the courage to be flexible, and the serenity in not being perfect.  As you can see in the photo, I seem to really like it up there!  And, you can also see that I do not have perfect arms or legs- I'm not even posing for the camera.    I AM PURELY IN THE MOMENT!

 This is what I want for you.  THAT MOMENT.   Whether we work together on your solo dance journey (I am on that journey myself), we're bringing you back from injury, or we're building your partnership, I want you to feel what it's like to be in THE MOMENT.  I want you to soar!!!


Current classes and private sessions


Wedding dance students from Park Bushwick Brooklyn, NY

Jessica & Eric

Wedding dance students from Park Slope Brooklyn, NY

Rachel & Tony


Wedding dance students from Cobble Hill Brooklyn, NY

Courtney & Matt

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