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Why I teach


  Looking at my work you would never know that I was a misfit kid.  Moved around constantly, wore glasses (so I danced blind for most of my adolescence), had one of the rarest known learning disabilities (Dyscalculia), and my teeth were incredibly crooked.  I felt left out of everything.  But when I danced....I was the happiest!  I look back at it all now and thank my stars that I was so different; I treasure being unique and quirky.  I am grateful for the arts for embracing me, and my influences prior, during, and continuously in my life.  Dance 

has kept me in the moment and connected to myself, despite what the world threw at me.





This is a picture of myself and my first dance partner outside of the womb;

my dad. 

I can see exactly where I got my fearlessness, my ability to be open and trust,

the courage to be flexible, and the joy in being myself. 

As you can see in the photo, I seem to really like it up there! 

And, you can also see that I do not have perfect arms

or legs- I'm not even posing for the camera.   










          And here's a picture of my Ganny and Gendaddy.

      I remember coming over to their home and

     watching them dance together in the living 

       room- for no reason at all.  Gendaddy would

    hear "Their song/s" come over the stereo,

    take my Ganny in his arms, and slow dance

       one or two basic steps- that's all they needed

to RE-CONNECT after a long day.

This is what I want for you.  Whether we work together on your solo dance journey (I am on that journey myself), we're bringing you back from injury, or we're building your partnership, I want you to feel what it's like to be in be IN THE MOMENT and RE-CONNECT.   

Looking forward to sharing dance with you!

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