A group dance lesson for your child and their friends where they'll be exposed to a sampling of ballet, modern, musical theatre and/or ballroom and Latin dance.  *Teacher travel fee's may apply.

1hr Children's Group Lesson (limit 4 children)

  • Thank you for registering with "Bieje Chapman Dance".

    Welcome! I’m so excited to move with you!

    PLEASE READ: By purchasing this class, you acknowledge the risk of serious injury and you participate or allow your children to participate entirely at your own risk.  You agree to modify movements and to guide any children on safe behavior,  to make it SAFE for your or your childs limitations and the limits of your space. You waive any right to bring legal action regarding any injury or damage to persons, pets, or property. Please be safe, listen to your body, remain present  and/or present with your children during the class, and don’t kick your cat. (Or anything else!)

    FOR BALLET CHOSE A BARRE: Even if you think you don’t need one, find a wall or chair or kitchen counter or something sturdy (that will not fall over!) to be your "barre" so you have support while you work on your technique. You can always lighten your touch. But this year let’s focus on correct alignment!


    FOR STRETCH: some helpful tools to have near are a winter scarf (not because it’s cold), 2 tennis balls for rolling out muscles, foam roller or something steady to put at your side for balance (sometimes even the couch seat can work.)  A yoga mat and a blanket are nice too.  Nothing is required!


    FOR DANCE EVENTS OUTSIDE OR INSIDE:  Please keep shoes on if outside or inside.  Comfy clothes.  Also, it is always helpful to keep noise to a minimum so that the instructor can be heard by all, and therefore you and/or your child can hear well enough to stay safe.

    WHAT TO WEAR: Dress comfortably in clothing you can move in. It helps to wear socks or ballet slippers so that you can slide your foot along the floor.

    PAYMENT: All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE, but I will work with you!  Purchases can be used 1yr after the purchase date OR given to friends or family before the 1hr expiration. 

    Venmo at Bieje-Chapman (If it asks, the last four digits of my cell are: 5688)
    Zelle at biejebieje@outlook.com

    You can also email me anytime at the same address biejebieje@outlook.com
    For more about what I do as a teacher, performer and my healing practice  www.biejechapman.com

    Instagram @awakeningartist



     THRILLED to have you in my class.
    Please ask questions, I’m happy to help!

    See you soon,